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The protection of personal data is considered by OMI GRUPA as one of the most important aspects of its activities. As an entity dealing with the design of gardens and outdoor spaces, the implementation of landscape architecture projects and the production of stone products, we take care to fully respect the privacy of our customers. At the same time, the goal of OMI GRUPA is to properly inform customers about all necessary information regarding the processing of their personal data, in particular with regard to the content of the provisions on the protection of personal data, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data with regard to the processing of personal data and on the flow of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation). In connection with the above, in this document we inform you about the legal basis for the processing of personal data, the methods of their collection and use, as well as the rights of data subjects related to it.

§ 1. General provisions

  1. The administrator makes every effort to ensure that the processing of personal data takes place with full respect for the privacy of data subjects and takes responsibility for the security of personal data processed. The administrator ensures that he has taken appropriate measures provided for by law to ensure the security of personal data.
  2. The administrator declares that he applies measures that ensure protection of the personal data, appropriate to the risks and categories of data protected. The administrator protects the data especially from disclosure to unauthorized persons, removal by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of the Regulation, as well as change, loss, damage or destruction.
  3. By accepting this Privacy Policy, the customer agrees to the rules for the processing of his personal data in connection with the use of the, as described in this document.
  4. This Privacy Policy applies to all cases where OMI GRUPA s.c. is the administrator of personal data and processes personal data. This applies both to cases in which the administrator processes personal data obtained directly from the data subject, and cases in which he obtained personal data from other sources. The administrator performs his information obligations in both of the above cases, specified respectively in art. 13 and art. 14 GDPR and in accordance with these provisions.
  5. This Privacy Policy is consistent with the content of the GDPR.

§ 2. Definitions

Whenever mentioned in the Privacy Policy:

  1. Administrator – it means company OMI GRUPA s.c., ul. Lipowa 5A, 52-200 Wysoka, NIP 896-160-87-41;
  2. Personal data - it means any information relating to an identified or identifiable person ("data subject"); an identifiable person is a person who can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular on the basis of an identifier such as name and surname, identification number, location data, internet identifier or one or more specific physical, physiological, genetic, mental factors, the economic, cultural or social identity of a person;
  3. Software – it means internet browser (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox), that is required to be able to access website:
  4. Privacy Policy at Omi Grupa – it means this document
  5. Cookies – it is understood as IT data, in particular text files, which are stored in the user's devices and are intended for the use of the website;
  6. Processing personal data - it is understood as an operation or a set of operations performed on personal data or sets of personal data in an automated or non-automated manner, such as collecting, recording, organizing, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, viewing, using, disclosing through uploading, distributing or otherwise providing, adjusting or combining, limiting, deleting or destroying;
  7. Regulation or GDPR - it means Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the flow of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation);
  8. Website – it means
  9. Contract - it is understood as the implementation by OMI GRUPA s.c. towards the customer the services offered on the website;
  10. Device – it is understood as an electronic device through which the user gains access to the website, in particular: computers, tablets, smartphones.
  11. User – is it understood as person browsing website:

§ 3. Processing of personal data

  1. The administrator adheres to the following rules for the processing of personal data:
    1) records the collected personal data only on such information carriers that are protected against access by third parties;
    2) ensures the security of personal data throughout the entire period of their processing in a way ensuring, in particular, protection against unauthorized access, damage, destruction or loss;
    3) maintains full confidentiality of personal data.
  2. Users visiting the website or using the services provided by the administrator by electronic means have control over the personal data they provide.
  3. Users' personal data will be processed in order to perform the activities described in contract, fulfill the obligations imposed by law on the Administrator (primarily tax and accounting matters) and on the basis of the legitimate interest of the administrator. The legal basis for the processing of personal data will be, respectively:
    1) performance of the activities described in the contract;
    2) obligations arising from the law (e.g. tax law or accounting regulations);
    3) legitimate interest - in relation to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes during the validity of contract, as well as in connection with the investigation and protection against claims resulting from the contract until the claims are expired;
    4) consent of the user - in relation to data processing for marketing purposes after the end of the contract validity between the user and the administrator.
  4. Providing personal data by the user is voluntary. Refusal to provide personal data, will result in no possibility for the administrator to perform activities described in the contract.
  5. The user may also express separate consent to receive commercial, advertising and marketing information from the administrator. The user may at any time opt out of receiving this information.
  6. The administrator processes or may process the user's personal data, which the user provides voluntarily in the event of a phone conversation or sending an e-mail to the address on the website in the "Contact us" tab. These are the following data:
    1) first name,
    2) surname,
    3) e-mail address,
    4) phone number,
    5) company (optional).
  7. In the case of concluding an agreement between the administrator and the user, the administrator, in addition to the personal data indicated in the paragraph 4, will process additional data of the user:
    1) PESEL number or NIP number, REGON, KRS number;
    2) bank account number.
  8. The administrator stores the users' personal data in order to facilitate future contacts with the users in order to perform activities described in the contract.
  9. The recipients of personal data are persons authorized by the administrator to process data as part of their official duties, IT, accounting, HR, legal and tax services of the administrator, in particular on the basis of contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data.
  10. The administrator declares that he may use tools designed to analyze statistics on the website, such as Google Analytics and other similar.
  11. The administrator has the right to share the user's data and information as part of the proceedings with an authorized body, e.g. the prosecutor's office or a court.
  12. After the performance of activities described in the contract, the administrator will process the user's personal data for the period of investigation or protection against any claims between the parties under the contract, until the expiry of the limitation period.
  13. The user whose personal data is processed has the right to request the administrator to access the data, as well as to rectify, delete, limit processing or object to processing, in accordance with § 5 of this Privacy Policy.

§ 4. Cookies.

  1. The administrator uses cookies on the website.
  2. The website uses two types of cookies:
    1) session cookies - these are temporary files that are retained on the user's device until he leaves the website or closes browser session;
    2) permanent cookies - these are files stored on the user's device by the cookie files specified in the parameters or until they are deleted by the user.
  3. The website may use all or some of the following types of cookies:
    1) "necessary" that allow user to use the website,
    2) "efficiency", which allow to collect information about the way the website is used;
    3) "functional", which allow user to keep the settings selected by the user and personalize the user’s interface, incl. by language, font size, website appearance;
    4) "advertising", which allow to provide the user with advertising content more tailored to his interests.
  4. The cookies listed in sec. 2 and 3 above are used for the following purposes:
    1) optimization in the use of the website; thanks to this, it is possible to recognize and display the website on the user's device, tailored to his individual needs;
    2) creating statistics that support the observation of the use of the website by users, which improves its structure and content.
  5. The solutions used on the website are safe for the devices of users using this website.

§ 5. Users' rights

  1. The user has the right to access their personal data and to correct them at any time.
  2. The user can choose to what extent and time he wants to use the website and share information about himself. If, for any reason, the user does not wish to disclose his personal data in the user’s database, he has the right to request their removal at any time.
  3. In the case of processing personal data for marketing purposes, based on the consent granted, the user has the right to withdraw consent at any time and by means of a written declaration or in the form of an e-mail to the administrator's address:
  4. The user has the right to correct, fix, update, rectify and request removal of his personal data.
  5. The user has the right to reject agreement on the processing of personal data, based on the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the administrator or by a third party. The administrator is no longer allowed to process this personal data, unless he demonstrates the existence of legally valid basis for processing, overriding the interests, rights and freedoms of the user, or the basis for establishing, investigating or defending claims.
  6. In order to request correction, supplementation, updating, rectification, restriction of processing, deletion and objection to the processing of your personal data, the user should send his request to the administrator's e-mail address: or in writing to the following address: ul. Lipowa 5A, 52-200 High.
  7. The user has the right to report a complaint to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office in a situation where the administrator will not process his personal data in accordance with the law.
  8. The user has the option to limit or disable the access of cookies to his device. If user uses this option, further use of the website will be possible, excluding some functionalities that require cookies.
  9. The user can change the cookie’s settings at any time. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the software settings, or to inform about their every entry in the user's devices. Detailed information on the possibilities and methods of handling cookies is available in the software settings.
  10. The user may at any time delete cookies using the functions available in the software he uses.
  11. The administrator implements the requests resulting from this paragraph immediately.

§ 6. Final provisions

  1. The website may contain links to other websites that operate independently of the administrator and are not supervised by him in any way. These websites may have their own privacy policies and regulations, which we recommend that you read.
  2. Questions and concerns regarding this Privacy Policy should be reported via a message sent to the administrator's e-mail address:
  3. The administrator reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy.
  4. The users will be informed about any changes to this Privacy Policy on the website.

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